Monday, November 21, 2016

Sharing Poetry from a Friend

Poetry lovers: I wanted to share a recently published collection of beautiful poetry from my dear friend, Robert Meyers-Lussier.  It's called CRYSTALLIZED REMNANTS and I am honored to have been asked to write the Foreword for this special book.

I met Robert--or, Bob, as I call him--several years ago during a memorable but grueling 10-mile hike down into Havasu Falls in the Grand Canyon.  We became fast friends and immediately bonded over hiking, words, photography, and weird senses of humor. You can really get to know people when you strip away all the creature comforts.  Plus, throw in an out-of-nowhere monsoon and 100-degree temperatures and you've got the makings of a solid friendship.

Anyway, each of Bob's poems in his collection are a little bit different but each one has a tendency to press an emotional button.  One of my favorites is this one. Enjoy!:

I spotted
an Indifference

in a suit and tie
amongst a crowd
on my way 
to work

Much to my
it followed me
to work

to become

My new boss

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Crystal Collier said...

Hah! It's so clever and fun. He has a fun voice.