Monday, April 6, 2015

To Cruise or not to Cruise

Stop the cruise, I want to get off!

That's what I imagine myself screaming five minutes after stepping on to a cruise ship.  And yet we're seriously considering an Alaskan cruise in the not too distant future.

Considering that I'm claustrophobic, dislike buffets of any kind, and more than mildly introverted, this does not seem like a smart travel choice.

But, I've never cruised.  And I'm all about the trying-something-at-least-once bit.

I know that people who cruise regularly, love it.  For those of you that have cruised before, any words of wisdom?  Anything to be aware of on cruise ships? Any advice to (possibly) make the experience more enjoyable?  Any cruise lines you particularly like or don't like?  And, what about these river cruises...any thoughts on those too?



Author R. Mac Wheeler said...

just do it...everyone says...or at least a shoe company says it

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

You should do it. Lots of fun, more than you imagine. Although if you are going to Alaska, prepare for a lot of older people.

Jean Davis said...

I haven't done a cruise for some of the same reasons so I'll be watching for helpful responses.

That said, some friends of ours did the Alaskan cruise years ago and their photos looked awesome. Can't remember what cruise line though so I'm not very much help.

CA Heaven said...

I had the same attitude to cruise (and I'm also introvert). However, we went on cruise twice in the Mediterranean. An important thing for us was that the shop sailed during night, and we got onshore every day to see nice and interesting places. It was cool >:)

Cold As Heaven

LD Masterson said...

We've done the Alaska cruise twice. We've been happy with Royal Caribbean. If you can afford it, get a cabin with a balcony. Not only will it help with your claustrophobia, it's lovely sitting out there watching the scenery (even when the scenery is just ocean). Most of the big lines have done away with the giant buffets and the dining room meals are usually delicious. There's always plenty to do - or not do - on board but do take advantage on whatever shore excursions interest you. I enjoyed the helicopter ride up to the Mendenhall glacier. The live entertainment in the evening is sometimes excellent and at least fun. There will be sales pitches on local merchants before each port of call that are probably useful if you're a serious shopper. That's not my thing. And, of course, you can always relax on a deck chair with a good book.