Monday, November 11, 2013

The Skinny on Social Media

Everyone knows that the ebbs and flows of social media changes, like, every five minutes. It's exhausting, really.  Last time I posted a blog on this, Instagram was barely a glint in some techie guy's eye.  Now it's exploded.

Here's what I think of some of the big ones:

Facebook is for "oldies," as my teen niece and nephew have told me, and I don't think that's a bad thing.  It's still a good place to connect with family, friends, and relatives all across the globe.  I'm still not a fan of Fan pages, however.  It feels too much like spam.  I recently heard on the radio that Mark Zuckerberg finally admitted that Facebook has lost some of its coolness.  Um, yeah, like, two years ago.

Twitter.  Still kicking.  Great for sound-bites on whatever is happening at any given moment.  Still a lot of spam, though.  That said, I do like Twitter for the quick bites and probably spend most of my social media time there (which is to say, not a huge amount).

Tumblr.  Cool.  It's like the social media underground.  When I go there, I know that I'm gonna see stuff I never see anywhere else.  It's like a guilty pleasure for me. Love it. It's got the coolness factor that Facebook lacks.

Instagram.  I think this is the new Facebook, at least for anyone 20 years old and younger.  We have become such a voyeuristic society. Everyone feels compelled to take pictures of the most mundane (e.g. "Lookie at what I just ordered at XYZ restaurant!) to the important things in their life (e.g. "Here's me at my high school graduation!).  I've not yet jumped on that bandwagon because I don't feel the need (or desire) to do that.  I'm sure it's a generational thing.  I post lots of pics on my books and book events but I'm still pretty protective of posting pics of my family and, seriously, who cares what coffee I order at Starbucks?

MySpace.  Total life support.  Does it even exist anymore? It's like the rotary dial of social media.

GooglePlus.  Um, what's that?! *snickers*

Blogger/Wordpress/Blogs in general.  I think there is still a need/demand for blogs, especially the ones that share information that lots of people need/want.  I hate to say it, though, I think Blogs are on their way to life support, though.  Not sure how much longer they will last, especially as people with shorter and short attention spans clamor for the quick sound-bites like Twitter.  Says the girl who still posts each week on Blogger. :)

Am I right?


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I still think blogging is very relevant and important. Not on most of those. I do have a friend who swears by Google+ and is excellent at navigating it. I just haven't had the time to figure it out in depth.

Karen Walker said...

I hope not about blogging.

shelly said...

I am a Facebook junkie.

Crystal Collier said...

I think google+ is gaining a little traction, but it's got a LONG ways to go IF it ever gets there. I'm of the opinion there will always be a core of bloggers, but I do agree: it's a niche. The crowd is definitely thinning. Tumblr is amazing, and I hope to become day. Facebook has definitely worked its way out of being productive and makes it more so every day. And twitter? It's so quick and easy to share, I see it being a staple for a long LONG time. You missed Pinterest though, and I think that one is pretty big.

mshatch said...

I hope blogging doesn't die; it's the only social media I really enjoy both as a writer and a reader.

Unknown said...

It figures that just as I surrender to social media and join FB (and discover lots of great people and that I love it over there!), it becomes the bastion of "oldies." Well, heck, I'm an oldie and proud of it! I may try tumblr, but Instagram sounds way too shallow for me. Problem is there are just to few hours in the day, right?

Liz Fichera said...

Thanks, all!

I think that blogging will stay relevant for those who have something to say that others want/need to hear but I believe short posts are best.

@Crystal: I forgot about Pinterest! I think Pinterest is a giant scrapbooking club. I have an account but I must admit that I don't spend much time there.

When all else fails, do what makes sense for you, right? :)

LD Masterson said...

Well, pooh. The only two I use (Facebook and Blogger) are on the down slope. I really don't want to learn to tweet.

Deniz Bevan said...

I love Twitter and Tumblr. I'd use Instagram more except that I don't really see the point - just post the photos on Twitter!'
I wish FB would go away and everyone would migrate to Twitter (because it's fun) and Google+ (because it's already linked to my Gmail and therefore automatically easier to use).
Love blogs! Don't take away blogs!
MySpace... yea, um, why is it still around? Mine just links to my blog :-)
Maybe Yahoo should buy MySpace and try to get people off FB and onto that... and the resulting competition could either make FB better or get everyone to give up and turn to G+!

Patty W said...

Hi Liz! Great post. I am frustrated by social media. Been doing it awhile. Blogging, FB, Twitter. It seems just when you think you are doing it right, someone comes along and says you're not! It eats up so much time. Blogging? I'm on the fence about it. From me, I think it takes away from my true interest, writing novels! I know its a necessary evil, but.... Anyway, thanks for your candor on the subject!