Monday, July 8, 2013

Your Favorite Summer Memories Revealed

As a kid, were your summer vacations idyllic or more like Chevy Chase's Vacation?

Mine were a little of both but definitely memorable.  My parents were known for not being planners.  At all! Whenever we traveled anywhere, we knew the day--sometimes only a few hours--before my Mom and Dad would pack up our station wagon with the kids, clothes, and our dog and we'd drive somewhere. Like Florida or California or Wisconsin.  One time we even tried camping, which was a complete and hilarious disaster, although only hilarious after the fact.  Our vacations usually involved water.  My father loved the water, particularly the ocean.

As kids, we always thought it was a great adventure.  No one every complained.  My parents never tolerated a lot of complaining.  We just went along and always ended up having a great time.  My mother would make Dad stop the car along the way and make us visit museums or exhibits or art fairs or whatever she spotted and thought would be educational.  One time we watched a guy wrestle an alligator.  Dad would stop, mostly to appease Mom but really, we just wanted to swim, preferably in the ocean with giant waves.  That was always the best part.  

I remember this one road trip to Florida where my Dad and brother tied all of our suitcases and crap on top of our station wagon.  Somewhere along the ride, our suitcases started falling off the top of the car.  People started to pass us on the highway and point to the roof of our car.  My dad and brother thought people were flipping us the finger.  It was comical.  We still talk about it.  When we finally made it all the way from Illinois to whatever beach hotel we were staying at in Florida, all of our luggage was gone.  Except for a few ropes dangling from the roof of our station wagon.  I'm sure it wasn't funny at the time but we still laugh about it and shake our heads.  Vintage Dad.  Jeez, I miss my parents. 

What were some of your fondest or funniest summer vacation memories?  Were yours idyllic or borderline crazy like mine?


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

All of the luggage was gone? Bummer.
My parents were planners but we did make a lot of stops along the way to see things. And we camped. I enjoyed everything but the camping. I like running water and AC.

Karen Walker said...

We always went to the same place each summer, a bungalow colony in Swan Lake in the Catskills (upstate New York). I loved it there.

shelly said...

My first kiss was quite memorable. I was 11 and it was summer. The boy who kissed me chased me down on his bike. I got a skinned trying to race away from him. It was to his advantage.

Hugs and chocolate,

Unknown said...

I used to love spending every day at the beach for a whole week, or fortnight, with a new bucket and spade for Dad to build sandcastles! He loved doing that, and the holiday always seemed idyllic. Thanks, Liz, I enjoyed reading your post, and remembering.

CA Heaven said...

We usually went to my grandparent's cabin in the mountains; hiking, fishing and exploring nature. It was my childhood paradise. Also, it was cheap, and we couldn't afford expensive vacations, In fact I was 19 yo before my first trip outside Scandinavia. My younger brothers got summer vacations in Spain and France and America, but then I stayed home to work and earn money. Life was hard in the 70s >:D

Cold As Heaven

Jean Davis said...

We went camping for a couple weeks every summer. It was awesome because we got free run of the campground all day and night, all we had to do was show up for meals.

We did some road trips too, usualy with little planning other than a general destination. Thankfully we never lost our luggage though. That would be quite memorable. In the past couple years, now that my kids are old enough to remember stuff, I've set out to recreate all my favorite childhood camping and road trips. It's been great fun.

J E Oneil said...

I don't have any funny vacation stories like that. Mostly people complaining :P. Of course, we didn't go vacationing all that much.

Danette said...

Sadly I don't remember any fun family vacations. We had camping vacations that I hated and I remember puking in the back of one family van in the hills of Missouri- I think we were on our way to Silver Dollar City which must have been somewhat enjoyable but all I remember was the carsickness. And another miserable camping trip to New Mexico- it rained a lot and it was kind of cool where we were. I think we did a lot of fishing which was not a good kid vacation.

I am sure you miss your folks a bunch- from all that you've said, your relationship with your parents was wonderful.

Trisha said...

We travelled a lot when I was a kid. Like when we went around Australia in a station wagon :) Also, we went down south of where I live, where it's lush and green and there are wineries, quite a lot as well. And I went on a few planes as a kid as well. Once when I was seven and my brother was five, we went on a plane on our own !

Sarah Allen said...

I have one word for my best childhood memories: Disneyland. Totally cliche and I don't even care. Still my happ place.

Sarah Allen
(From Sarah, With Joy)