Monday, June 10, 2013

Reading Roundup Plus a Bookish Question For You

In between writing, editing, and hiking, I've read a bunch of good books lately that I wanted to pass along. 

Some people say that they do most of their reading during the summer. Not true for me. I read every day.  It's kind of like how I wind down at the end of a day, although sometimes that "wind down" can go into the wee hours when I can't put a book down.  Did it with these:

1) Manicpixiedreamgirl by Tom Leveen.  This is, quite frankly, how I love my YA.  Quirky characters. Lots of inner angst.  Voices that can be sad and genuine and hilarious at the same time.  This is a story about a boy who lusts after that high school girl that he can't have.  When he finally gets a chance to be with her, things don't go exactly as planned.  I loved this story.  I almost passed on it because of the cover--which, I know, is totally a wrong reason to not read a book.  But, yeah.  Glad I didn't pass it up.  I loved it.  Side note, he's also from Arizona so, of course, I heart him more. :)

2) Dare You To by Katie McGarry.  If you like your YA hot, steamy, and rollercoastery, this one's for you.  An excellent companion novel to Katie's 2012 hit, Pushing the Limits. This one doesn't disappoint. Loved it.

3) The Blonde of the Joke by Bennett Madison.  I believe I've found a new favorite author in Bennett Madison. He writes quirky YA characters. This story is about two girls who bond over shoplifting. I know--very strange.  But strange in a good way.  How can you care about two girls who like to steal? You do.  I'm looking forward to reading his latest, September Girls which has gotten excellent industry reviews, although not-so-great reader reviews which means I'll probably love it.  I love it when a writer takes risks with odd plots and settings and even creates unlikable characters through great writing. 

Which begs the question: Can you dislike a main character in a book but still love the book? 


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Tough question. I'd have to like the main character at least a little to even finish the book. That's why I'm not much into anti-heroes.

Lisa said...

Kind of. The main character has to have at least one redeeming quality for me to continue reading the book. It's hard for me to like it if I don't like the main character.

Jean Davis said...

I have to like the main character at least on some level or I'll end up tossing the book at the wall. I guess I read more for character than plot. I can enjoy a book with an utterly predicable or rambling plot as long as I like the characters.

CA Heaven said...

Sure, it's possible. I've read many of those books, e.g. most books by Jean Genet, and Crime and Punixhment. Great book, but I don't like Raskolnikov >:)

Cold As Heaven

LD Masterson said...

No, I have to find something to like about the character or I have no interest in reading the story. Of course, I can find something to like about most people, even the occasional villain.