Monday, April 15, 2013

You're Invited: Tweet Chat!

On Tuesday, April 16 at 9 pm EST, the Class of 2K13 is having a tweet chat and you're invited!

In fact, we've invited book bloggers, book sellers, librarians teachers and book lovers to come and discuss all things young adult and middle-grade.  In particular, we want to discuss what teens and tweens want to read.  What are they reading late at night and between College Algebra and Chemistry classes?  Are their tastes different or the same as librarians, teachers and book sellers?  What would they like to see in their libraries?

Inquiring minds! We wanna know.

So come join the discussion, help us spread the word, and let's dish. We'll be using hashtag #Classof2K13

If you've never joined a Tweet chat before, I highly recommend that you use TweetChat.  It's free and helps you filter out everything except the Twitter discussion that you're following.

Talk to you on Tuesday!  And don't forget to follow us on Twitter @TheClassof2K13


LD Masterson said...

I'm not a tweeter but I hope it goes well for you.

Trisha said...

Sounds great, though I'm not much of a Tweeter either. Trying to use Twitter more nowadays!

It's an interesting question about whether tweens are reading the same thing as librarians etc. think they are. We have a similar question in mind in the library - do the students really search for resources the way we think they should, i.e. with all the librarian tips & tricks? The answer is usually "Nope!"