Monday, April 22, 2013

Reading Roundup

I've read a bunch of really good YA books lately and wanted to share.

First, Looking for Alaska by John Green.  Although the setting is not one of my faves (the prestigious boarding school), I do love an angsty coming of age story.  It's kind of a newer take on Dead Poet's Society as it crosses from coming of age into the mystery genre. The writing is brilliant and, well, I just love John Green's humor.

45 Pounds by K.A. Barson.  It's the story of a teen girl fighting body issues, an annoying mother, annoying friends, and the all-too familiar quest of losing weight.  Funny and poignant without being preachy.

Pretty Girl-13 by Liz Coley. Oh, my. What a wild ride thriller. A girl gets abducted at age 13 while at a Girl Scout camp and then waltzes through the front door of her home three years later thinking she's still 13. This book deals with some mature issues like rape and abuse and may not be suitable for young teens.  A real page-turner.

Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell. This may be one of my fave 2013 reads. The story of two unlikely teens who meet and fall in love on a bus over comic books. I couldn't put it down and fell in love with both characters from the first pages. Highly recommend.

Anything you've read lately that you'd like to recommend?


DEZMOND said...

oh, body issues... don't we just hate those....

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I've been so busy with the Challenge this month that I haven't had time to read anything.

Trisha said...

I'm still reading the Species Imperative novels - on the third right now and nearly done. LOVE it!

These sound like great reads. Will have to check 'em out :)

Deniz Bevan said...

Love John Green's books! I think I'll read An Abundance of Katherines next.

LD Masterson said...

It's not exactly a YA but My One Square Inch of Alaska by Sharon Short, a coming of age story, was a delightful surprise.