Monday, March 18, 2013

Getting Lucky!

I am so happy to have J.B. Lynn back on the blog today.  Not only is she an extremely talented writer, but she's such a nice person and so much fun.  And she has a new book that's just released!!

It's her latest in the fabulously awesome Hitwoman series.  You may recall the first book in the series Confessions of a Slightly Neurotic Hitwoman, followed by Further Confessions of a Slightly Neurotic HitwomanNow we have her latest release: The Hitwoman Gets Lucky, a novella that continues the further misadventures of Maggie Lee and the others from the original quirky cast.  If you love your mysteries with unpredictable plotlines, unique characters mixed with the perfect amount of snark, you will adore this series.  Reviewers have compared her novels to Evanovich's Plum and Bond's Body Movers.

I'm always amazed by writers who can keep a series fresh and ongoing and I had some questions for her in this regard. Here's my interview with her: 

1) First of all, after the first Hitwoman novel (Confessions of a Slightly Neurotic Hitwoman) was published, did you ever anticipate that it would be a series?

I actually anticipated it would be a series before I ever wrote a single word. I mapped out the first three books before I started writing. About two-thirds of the way through the first book, I sketched out ideas for three additional books. There’s just so much I want these characters to do and so much growth I can see them undergoing that I couldn’t see doing it in just one book.
2) How do you keep track of all of the details and characters in your series?
I don’t. I can’t.

I’ve got a bible of sorts for the books with names/physical description/tics, but most often I end up referring to earlier manuscripts because it never fails that the detail I need never made it into my guide. Plus, because I have sooooo many book ideas for this series, I’m never sure which have made it onto the page and which are just floating around in my head.

3) How do you stay motivated to keep the series going?
I LOVE these characters. I love Maggie. I love the talking lizard, God. I even love her crazy aunts. Armani and her crazy psychic predictions make me chuckle. Spinning these zany tales is such a thrill.
Plus, it’s motivating to get fan mail from people asking, “When’s the next one coming out?” It’s like a little dose of instant motivation every time I read one of those emails.

4)  Are there more Hitwoman novels planned?

There are! I’m pretty sure THE HITWOMAN AND THE FAMILY JEWELS will be out in May. I really enjoyed writing it and I’m hoping people will enjoy reading it!

5) What’s next for you?

Besides, THE HITWOMAN AND THE FAMILY JEWELS, I’ll be launching a new humorous mystery series later this year. The first two stories feature a Crime Scene Cleaner who, much to her chagrin, can see and talk to ghosts. It’s sort of SUNSHINE CLEANING meets THE GHOST WHISPERER. ;-)

CONTEST!! By the way, JB is giving away a $50 e-Gift Card to the e-Book Retailer of your choice just for posting a review of one of her books.  Click here for the details on her web site!

A novella about the further misadventures of Maggie Lee and the rest of the cast of zany characters from CONFESSIONS OF A SLIGHTLY NEUROTIC HITWOMAN: 
Maggie Lee’s a lot of things:

The daughter of a mom in a mental institution and a dad serving time;

The niece of three meddling aunts;
The aunt (and now legal guardian) of her beloved niece, Katie;
The friend of a snarky lizard, a dyslexic Doberman, and a semi-psychic co-worker;
A contract killer. 
But one thing she'd never thought she'd be is a thief. 

That's about to change as she heads to the casinos of Atlantic City to help her sexy murder mentor, Patrick Mulligan, steal something from a professional thief. Maggie's never been lucky in love or money. Will this gamble pay off or will she lose her shirt, her heart or even her life? 


Besides being a writer, JB Lynn is a compulsive reader, a runner (of sorts), an enthusiastic cook (who doesn't get the appeal of the Food Network), and someone who has an irresistible urge to eavesdrop at all times.  For more information about JB and her books, visit:

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Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for having me, Liz! This series is so much fun I could just babble on and on about it forever, lol.

Amy said...

Nice interview. I am glad to hear that more books are coming out! Congrats on all your success, J!

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Amy! Don't forget to enter the contest!

LD Masterson said...

I wasn't familiar with the Hitwoman series. Looks like my kind of read. Thanks, Liz, for hosting J.B.

Tara said...

This looks like a fun series. Thanks for sharing.

Deniz Bevan said...

Yay for JB!
I love series that require book bibles :-)

Anonymous said...

Thanks LD and Tara.

Deniz -- I do too....unless I can't find the detail I'm searching for, lol.

Modokker said...

I love this series too!! The character's keep me coming back for more.

Great interview!

Lisa B

Amy Valentini said...

Fun interview and I agree that JB Lynn is one of the nicest people I know. Hi JB!!
Now I'm really in trouble, I have a print copy of CONFESSIONS OF A SLIGHTLY NEUROTIC HITWOMAN but have had trouble fitting it into my reading time - I have to, I really have to! The new series sounds sooo intriguing. I've seen SUNSHINE CLEANING and I admit to having been a fan of GHOST WHISPERER - that sounds like an awesome combination. Success comes to the best. : )

Anonymous said...

LIsa -- Thank you, m'dear!

Amy -- You're so sweet. Thank you!

Amy Jarecki said...

Oh wow, this series sounds like a lot of fun!