Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Today and Tomorrow!

If you happen to live in the Chicago area, I'll be visiting the following cool bookish places today and tomorrow:

Wednesday, February 20, 2:25pm – 3:30pm
Rudy Lozano Branch Library, 1805 S. Loomis Street, Chicago, IL 60608

Thursday, February 21, 6pm – 8pm
Just The BookStore, 475 Main, Glen Ellyn, IL 60137
(In the heart of Glen Ellyn. You can't miss it!)
Get out of the cold and come visit a great library and local bookstore! Would love to meet you in person.


Trisha said...

I'd totally rock up if I was in that area! But I might be too busy basking in the cold instead of the swampy heat I'm enduring here in Aus right now. :P

Hope the appearances go well! :)

Nicki Elson said...

I'm coming to see you tomorrow in Glen Ellyn!!! And if you can't tell I'm very excited about it. :) Micheal DiGesu let me know & I'm going to meet him at the GE station. Save travels & have a great time at the Chicago signing today. Congratulations on Hooked!

shelly said...

I would love to come but I'm in Florida.

Good luck.

Hugs and chocolate,

Michael Di Gesu said...

Hi, Liz,

I didn't know you were going to be at the library TOO! I live in the city, so I may just have to pop down there later today. BUT IT IS FREEZING OUT! STAY WARM, LIZ!

As Nicki has said, I will be joining her in GE and we will see you tomorrow night at the bookstore .... SQUEEEEEEE! LOVE meeting blogger friends!

James Garcia Jr said...

Hi, Liz. It's been far too long. I hope things are well with you. Be sure and let me know when you hit Fresno, California. It's a very short drive for me, so I'd definitely be there. It's gonna' happen, my friend. :)
Take care, ok?