Friday, January 4, 2013

And The Winner...

will be announced on Monday, January 7!

Yes, the grand prize winner of the HarlequinTEEN Book Basket from my pre-order contest will be announced on Monday and only to my newsletter subscribers! (Sorry about the tease!)

I'll also be sharing the next Hooked book swag promotion to the newsletter subscribers as well.  If you'd like to get in on the skinny, by all means, please sign up for my newsletter.  I promise never to spam you or be overly obnoxious. :)

You'll find that snappy little sign-up newsletter button on the right side of my web site.  Click here.

Have a nice weekend and *see* you Monday! Hope you don't have too many Christmas decorations to pack away.



Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

My decorations are already packed!

Susan Flett Swiderski said...

You promise not to be "overly" obnoxious, you say? Somehow, I don't think you could even be a "little" obnoxious. Happy New Year! Just got all the decorations boxed up today.

Romance Reader said...

Packing away the Christmas decorations is always sad in a way. Happy new year.

Danette said...

I think I just packed mine *squints eyes in thought* Well, two or three little ones left. Boyfriend has to do most of it, I didn't get out many. My son has the most in his room. Christmas was a bit blah this year.

Trisha said...

My only Christmas decorations are still out, and I'm fine with it. They're just fairylights in my living room. They can stay :)

Book swag is awesome!