Monday, December 10, 2012

Cheers, Cavanaugh Blogfest

Today I'm participating in the Cheers, Cavanaugh Blogfest which is kind of like a virtual roast of ninja-blogger-extraordinaire, Alex Cavanaugh, but in a totally good way. 
Alex is a great blogger friend to everybody.  He's one of those rare souls who's the first to ask, "How can I help?" when you have a book release, a giveaway, a blogfest, a bad day.  He's also the greatest guy you've never met.  :)
As part of this blogfest, we've been asked to answer a few questions.  Here are my answers.
1) What does Alex look like?  In my mind, Alex is Daniel Craig meets Jerry Seinfeld with a dash of Captain Kirk.  Handsome, funny, and able to leap across a spaceship in a single bound!
2) Who could play Alex in a documentary? (Living or dead.) See above.  However, since it's Christmas, I'd like to see it done It's A Wonderful Life style. 
3) Who does Alex remind you of? That Dos Equis guy, the Most Interesting Man in the World. :) 
Seriously, thank you Alex, and thank you Mrs. Cavanaugh for sharing Alex with the blogosphere. It wouldn't be as much fun without him.

If you want to send Alex some love and join this blogfest, click here.


S.A. Larsenッ said...

Haha! Number 3 is great!! Perfect.

Unknown said...

Alex is Daniel Craig meets Jerry Seinfeld with a dash of Captain Kirk. That must be the perfect man :)

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Most Interesting Man - I'll take that!
Thank you so much, Liz. Just so blessed I found this awesome community.

Michael Di Gesu said...

Hi, liz,

Happy Holidays!

Nice tribute to a wonderful blogger buddy.

Trisha said...

Nice answers Liz. Personally I'm glad there's an Alex around to do so much of the hard work - I think I'd run myself ragged trying to keep up with that sort of standard! haha

Kittie Howard said...

Fun! Chuckled at the Jerry Seinfeld comparison.

Tara Tyler said...

what a combo!
and the dos equis guy! thats hilarious!

Tyrean Martinson said...

Love your combo!!! Nice answers!

Morgan said...

Ha! "Alex is Daniel Craig meets Jerry Seinfeld with a dash of Captain Kirk." <---Best descript ever!

And new follower here, Liz. Thanks so much for participating! Loved your tribute. :D

David P. King said...

Jerry Sienfeld ... LOL (not that there's anything wrong with that)! Awesome ninja captain tribute. Thanks for participating! :)

Anonymous said...

I have Jimmy Stewart as Alex. I thin its a great fit!

Joylene Nowell Butler said...

No 1 is too funny. Nice entry, Liz.