Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A Reason to Subscribe to an Author Newsletter

I really battled the whole Author Newsletter bandwagon for a while but I finally realized there was a very good reason to start one: to give readers, reviewers and book bloggers advance notice of contests, giveaways, book releases, ARCs, and other book promotions.

And so, dear friends, I am starting an author newsletter for this very reason.  And I can't imagine sending out a short newsletter more than, say, six times a year. 

So, in cooperation with my publicists, we are doing a Big Promo for Hooked that will be announced on all sorts of social media, including this blog, on November 1.  However, anyone who signs up for my Newsletter will hear about this promotion a week in advance

I know that we all get lots of email each day and I promise to keep my newsletters short, timely and whenever possible, slightly humorous.  I will only report news that I think would interest you and news you won't get anywhere else.  In other words, advance bookish stuff only.

The "Sign-up" button is now on my web page in the upper right corner.  Or, you can get to it directly by clicking here.