Monday, August 27, 2012

Got Swag?

Attention book bloggers, readers, heiresses, race car drivers, chefs, celebutants, neighbors, friends, the Universe:  How do you like your book swag?

ARCs, bookmarks, chocolates, gift baskets--what kinds of book promo swag do you like to offer to your bloggers and readers? What kinds of book swag are you giddy and thrilled to receive from your favorite authors?

Conversely, are there any types of book swag that you don't like?  Anything that drives you nuts when you see it offered on a blog or web site?

I'm in the process of getting my book swag together for Hooked (Hint: hot pink is involved) and was just wondering what kinds of things you like to see, have, collect, and possibly even win.

Inquiring minds and all that.

Talk amongst yourselves. :)


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Books and bookmarks are good to offer. I usually don't enter to win books though as I prefer to support my blogger buddies by buying their books.

Kyra Lennon said...

I love all swag - but particularly books, bookmarks and mugs! :D

Unknown said...

First off, Yay for hot pink!

I love getting bookmarks - you can never have too many! - and book themed jewelry.

Theresa Milstein said...

Winning ARCs and bookmarks is always great. It's also fun to write gift cards. Though I think anything is appreciated.

Karen Walker said...

Gee, I never heard that term before. I like bookmarks 'cause i'm with Alex, I like to purchase my buddies books.

Jen Twimom said...

While I'm not a huge swag person, I do like to give away swag gifts because many people that read my blog do enjoy it. I know that books, especially signed books, are very popular, as are signed book cover flats, book marks, etc. Adding something like chocolates, or a mug, etc. is nice if it's in a basket.

Tracy Jo said...

I love swag! Linda Grimes at gave away bookmarks and I really loved that. So fun to get something in the mail and a good reminder to buy her book. :-)

LTM said...

Because of the type of book, I'd bet chocolate would be a winner. And I guess mugs if it doesn't become cost-prohibitive. Good luck w/your tour! :o) <3

Danette said...

I so unhip but all gifts appreciated.

Tara Tyler said...

jewelry is awesome!
the last conference i went to, i got a ton of swag!
the calling cards are a must, bookmarks also abounded. my fave was a metal one with a jewel to hang from it, pretty and functional!
other fun interesting items...
a pretty ring! my favorite item!
coasters, a coozie,
letter openers
bandaid holder
lots of pens, good for writing!
sticky notes & little note pads were nice
did not like clunky, awkward items, cute but what to do with them? - a rose, a fortune teller, pretty stones

hope that gives you ideas... i was glad i at least had cards to trade!

Liz Fichera said...

Thanks loads for the cool ideas, everyone!

LD Masterson said...

Getting here late but I'll add my two cents worth. I always like bookmarks but I'm getting to the point where I have too many. I like sticky notes or notepads - items I can use and use up so that they keep the name of the book/author in front of me for a while but not forever.

Susan Flett Swiderski said...

Hot pink, huh? How about hot pink jelly beans? I adore receiving signed copies of books, but I'm a cheap date. Jelly beans or chocolate would be dandy candy. (Although bookmarks ARE mighty handy.)

Jana said...

I love all types of swag. Especially bookmarks, all types of jewelry and PENS. :)