Friday, July 8, 2011

It's 5 o'clock Somewhere!

The bar is open.  Come on in and help yourself to an appetizer and the drink of your choice.  Don't forget to add the pretty tiny umbrella or a garlic-stuffed olive.  Of course, there's chocolate in all of the bowls you see scattered around my blog. ;-)

Shorter weeks are killer, yes?  Combine that with the Great Dust Storm of 2011 in Phoenix on Tuesday which you may have heard about and I definitely need to get started on Happy Hour today.  Stat.  My backyard had about two inches of dirt and dust.  It looked like a volcano exploded over our house.  Nothing that a broom and rake couldn't fix but it was not fun doing massive amounts of cleanup in 115 degree temps.  Things can always be worse, I know.

Time to concentrate on the weekend.

I'm looking forward to finishing up a couple of books that I have been totally enjoying.  One on my nook is Elizabeth Bass's latest novel Wherever Grace is Needed.  I wanted to save it for my vacation next month but ended up peeking at it earlier this week.  Not smart.  I kept reading and have been unable to put it down in between bouts of editing that I've been trying to finish this week.  Great story.

So how was your week?  What are you reading?  Any fun plans for the weekend?


Heather M. Gardner said...

You had me at 'the bar is open!'!

It's a little early so maybe a mimosa would be in order!

I'm going to try Beyond the Highland Mist by Karen Moning this weekend. I think this might be the first weekend that we don't have 10 things lined up!

Heard about the dust storm and saw some amazing pictures. I was also waiting for zombies. I feel like we are characters in a bad movie missing all the clues to the apocalypse!

Enjoy your weekend and try to stay cool.

Karen Walker said...

I have 3 singing gigs this weekend, so I'm hanging low and chilling out. Reading Awakening the Buddha Within, which I'm hoping will help me be more loving and compassionate. Hoisting my glass to you, Liz.

Angelina Rain said...

I missed your happy hour posts.

Sorry to hear about the dust storm damage. That's really sucks. Hopefully you could get it cleaned up easily. I hope cleaning up dust is easier then cleaning up snow. We had a big blizzard this winter and the snow was all the way up to my hip (I think that would be 3 feet). That was hard to clean up. Thankfully, my husband did all the work.

Glad you're enjoying the book your reading.

Have a great weekend.

Liz Fichera said...

@Heather: No zombies. Just more dust than my lungs can handle at the moment. Help yourself to bar! :-)

@Karen: Cheers to you, too! Have fun with your singing gigs!

@Angelina: The dust storm is kind of like a snowstorm, only dirtier and you can't go sledding in dust. Glad you like the Happy Hour! And have a great weekend!

Sherri said...

Crazy week...looking forward to a relaxing one next week. Lots of reading, some family time, a girls' night out or two, and recharging the ol' batteries :) I'm going have to pass on the booze as I have an 18 hour drive ahead of me.

Enjoy your weekend.

Tara Tyler said...

340 is close enough!
yeah, friday! cosmo, please =)

gotta pack for vacation and hope to finish another book at the beach next week!

have a good one! said...

Sounds like a great read. I've been reading Election by Tom Perrotta. Loved it. Am now reading Marcia Willett's Echoes of the Dance, which starts a little differently from her usual fare, but will be a good journey I am sure. Have a great weekend :O)

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Too hot to go outside! I just finished critiquing a blogger buddy's book, so I'll probably dive back into the latest CS Friedman.

Deniz Bevan said...

Oh yes please. Actually, I'm having a McSorley's Ale at the moment. I'd love to be reading but I'm catching up on blogging. Gotta find a nice YA to read this weekend from the teetering to-read pile.

James Garcia Jr said...

Hi, Liz. I absolutely did see the news that day. Wow!
Glad everyone is okay.
As for the bar being open, what have you got up there on the top shelf?
Have a better weekend, my friend.
And stay cool...


Liz Fichera said...

@Sherri: Where are you going?? Safe travels, girlfriend!

@Tara: Cosmos, coming up! Have a great weekend!

@Madeleine: Those are a couple of books I've not heard of. Intrigued. Will definitely check out. Thanks!

@Alex: Me, too. I'm supposed to be working on editing, but alas. Good luck and have a fun weekend!

@Deniz: Mmmm. Ale. Love that too. YA books? Check out my goodreads page. I read a ton of YA. Lots of good ones out there to rec. Have fun!

@James: That's the beauty of virtual cocktail parties: You can drink whatever you'd like and the calories are nonexistent. :-) Have a great weekend!

Michael Di Gesu said...

Still gorgeous in Chicago. A full week of sunshine and refreshing breezes. It seems Chicago FINALLY has THE weather. For now anyway.

Met up with a blogger friend from St. Louis visiting Chicago... Iced lattes and gelato made a perfect treat while chatting away.

I also finished YOUR book. Nice twists and turns...

Amy Jarecki said...

I got caught in the dust storm too - I was embarrassed taking my rental car back covered with dirt :-). This weekend I am writing like a mad woman. My goal is to finish the first draft of Chihuahua Momma by the end of July (yikes!). I'm also putting a book trailer together for Koicto and have asked local Paiute drummers to help. I'm excited!

Nas said...

Hi Liz,

So sorry about the dust storm damage, I was following your tweets that day.