Saturday, January 1, 2011

Best of 2010 BlogFest - My Top 10

Don't forget that Angelina Rain from Author in Training is hosting the Best of 2010 BlogFest today through January 3Visit her site to get the deets and join this cool blogfest. 

Before I go any further, I should tell you that I am in complete denial that it is now 2011.  2011?!! Um, where did the last decade go?!  That said, I am excited to see what the New Year brings. 

In keeping with Angelina's blogfest rules, here are my 2010 Top 10 greatest hits and my 2011 goals (please, dear god, do not say resolutions because when I do they are always doomed to fail.) 

My 2010 Top 10 Greatest Hits:

10) I can run 15 miles without passing out.
9) I met more friends online than I ever thought possible, including a few old friends I haven't talked to in, like, forever. 
8) I reconnected with cousins I hadn't seen in ages. 
7) I cracked the code on my teen niece's text messages. (Who knew "abt" means "about"?)
6) I finished writing another book.
5) I traveled over 10,000 miles.
4) I created my own web site and didn't break my laptop in the process.
3) My house renovations are complete and I still have most of my sanity.
2) I sold 2 books to a super-cool publisher.
1) Craig and I celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary, despite #3 above. 

It's always easy fun to talk about goals at the start of a new year because that's when everything is new and shiny and nothing seems impossible.  Here are a few of my 2011 goals:

1) I want to be able to split a dark chocolate bar in two pieces and save one piece for the next day. 
2) I want to redecorate my home office from soup to nuts--cool new furniture, new paint, new lamps, new everything!
3) I want to finish my current WIP on another Native American legend.
4) I want to travel to one new place.
5) I want to sell another book. Or three.
6) Marathon, anyone? I'm ready.
7) I want to stop checking email and voicemail obsessively when a book goes on submission.
8) Do good. I need to volunteer more. 
9) I want to spend more time with family.  Definitely.
10) I want to look back on December 31, 2011, sipping champagne, and see that I've accomplished these goals!

Happy New Year!  I hope it's a great one for everybody!


Nas said...

Hi Liz,

I think you will manage nine of them save #1!

Good luck!
Wishing you a very Happy and a prosperous New Year!

Maria Zannini said...

Ref: My house renovations are complete and I still have most of my sanity.

Yes, but how much money do you have left? LOL

Happy New Year, Liz!

Dru said...

Happy New Year!

Bobbye Terry said...

Looks like you did a great job in 2010. Good luck on 2011, and may you sell three or more books. :)

Angelina Rain said...

Those are cool accomplishments. Wow, you did a lot in 2010. I can’t believe it’s the start of a new decade. Good luck on your resolutions.

Colette Martin said...

Liz, you had some really awesome accomplishments in 2010. Way to go! I am especially impressed by the first one -- fifteen miles? running? that is an accomplishment!

DEZMOND said...

congrats on everything you accomplished last year and on everything you will do this one!

Tina said...

I won't be joining you for a marathon, but I will definitely be picking up whatever book of your is coming out next. Plus I'm always available to eat half a chocolate bar. Or both.

May 2011 surprise and delight you!

Julie Musil said...

You run 15 miles? And you sold two books? 2010 has been an awesome year for you! Congratulations, and happy new year.

(by the way, we built our house, so I know exactly what you mean about the stress of renovations)

Liz Fichera said...

Thanks, all, for stopping by today! Hope each of you has a fab 2011!!

Susanna Ives said...

Wow. You accomplished a great deal. you go!

Liz Fichera said...

Same to you, Susanna! I count RAKES AND RADISHES as one of my most fav books of 2010. Hurry up and write another one, woman! ;-)

Jennie Bailey said...

Wow, Liz! You have had QUITE the year! I'm in denial about 2011 as well. I hope to match your 15 miles without passing out this year!

Unknown said...

Wow, great accomplishments, Liz. I'm not sure I could even think about running 15 miles without passing out. (Not going to try it just in case...)

Can't wait to see the current WIP in its published state. Get writing! ;)

All the best for 2011!

Twimom227 said...

Wow! SOunds like a wonderful 2010!! and here's to a joyous 2011! Best wishes! -Jen