Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Vacation Reads

In between chocolate chip ice cream, card games, blueberry picking, happy hours, the beach, and trying to remove the sand from my suitcase, I have managed to squeeze in some serious vacation reading.  Here are a few of the books I have loaded on my nook and/or stuffed in my beach bag:

BETRAYED by Claire Robyns - loved it! I could not put it down. I am a total sucker for historical romances set in Scotland with gorgeous, brooding, alpha males.

LIBERTY STARR by Rebecca Grant - I will be finishing it today. I've been totally enthralled with this mystery/romantic suspense novel. Can't wait to see how it ends!

WHISPERS by Dean Koontz - the writing is lovely and layered but I'm having a difficult time getting into the story. Koontz usually does not disappoint so I'm going to soldier on with this one.

A RELIABLE WIFE by Robert Goolrick - I've only peeked at the first few pages and cannot wait to get started. 

COLD TANGERINES by Shauna Niequist - my sister told me about this memoir.  She's giving it to me when she's done.  Looks like a very intriguing and uplifting read and what a great title!

I've recently joined Goodreads, too.  If you're a member there, I'd love to follow your reviews. Friend me

Well, back to the beach. The waves and an iced coffee call to me, along with my next book. 


Maria Zannini said...

You even sound relaxed. LOL.

I went over to goodreads and added you as a friend.

Unknown said...

It sounds as if you're having a great time.

I've got Whispers by Dean Koontz to read. Hm. I hope I can get into the story more quickly. I've lost patience with a couple of books recently (both huge sellers) as life's too short.

I shall nip over to Goodreads and add you as a friend. I'm new to it too.

Ooh, my word verification is 'readmi'.

Liz Fichera said...

Maria & Shirley,

Thanks for friending me on goodreads. I feel less lonely there now! :-)

Shirley, unfortunately WHISPERS hasn't gotten any better, although I hate NOT finishing a book. The writing is great, as usual, but where's the story??

Maria, I'm feeling very relaxed. Last night we all went to a winery and beer tasting place, after a day at the beach. I could get used to beach living! In a heartbeat!!

Marianne Arkins said...

"Whispers" wasn't my favorite Dean Koontz, but I did like it okay. I loved "Lightning" and "Watchers" and ... well, most of his others! LOL. I have "Betrayed" on my TBR list ... just gotta find the time!

Liz Fichera said...

Hi Marianne! I'm still trying to get into Whispers. Still. I'm going to give it one final shot today but then onto the next...