Sunday, August 22, 2010

Post-Vacation Blues, Blogging, and Sand in My Suitcase

Hey, all!  Just got back from Union Pier, Michigan, by way of Chicago. 

I'm still basking in the afterglow of a relaxing vacation but was grateful to remember that I'm guest blogging today with the lovely Carrie Lofty at her super-cool blog, Unusual Historicals.  If you like historical novels set in--yes, you guessed it--unusual locations, you'll appreciate Carrie's blog.  I'm happy to be blogging there today, in between doing loads of laundry and picking the sand out of my suitcase.  It keeps my mind off missing my family back in Chicago.  We had a great time together the last 10 days, and I'll be posting some pics tomorrow.  I'm more than slightly bummed that Craig and I won't be capping off our evening tonight with homemade ice cream, a slice of pie, and a family card game.  Back to normal today.  Hopefully.

More tomorrow!

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