Monday, July 26, 2010

Emerald City

I'm back on the yellow-brick blogosphere road this week.  First stop: Life, According to Nicole.  Nicole is a super-cool book blogger and she also very recently read and reviewed CAPTIVE SPIRIT.  I heart Nicole, especially after I read her review and I was particularly touched that she took my book with her on vacation.  Here's the part of her review that tugged at my heartstrings, made me cry real tears, floated me six inches off the ground for an entire day, and just generally made me feel happy to be a writer:

"I can't even recall offhand another character who so totally and completely sucked me into their life story, that even at 2:00 am, I refused to put the book down."

It's such a great feeling when someone connects with your story like that and that person isn't your mother or sister.  Thanks, Nicole! :-) 

Nicole invited me over to her blog today to dish more about CAPTIVE SPIRIT, the whole crazy writing process, "The Call," and a few other writerly things.  We're also giving away a free digital copy of my book to one randomly selected person who's brave enough to leave a comment and/or ask a question and I hope that someone is you!  You can read Nicole's full review over at The Book Pusher, another great book review blog that I hope you check out.

P.S.  I'll be guest-blogging later in the week with a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author!  Yeah, little ole' me! Stop by later in the week for more details and links.  But let's just say that I fell in love with this particular author after I learned that she and I shared the same warped idea about rewriting GONE WITH THE WIND as a zombie novel.  Long story.  But stay tuned!


Unknown said...

Congratulations Liz!!!! I really am so happy for you! *hugs*


Liz Fichera said...

Thanks so much, Talina! I'm still pinching myself! :-)

Talli Roland said...

Liz, that's fanTABULOUS! :) Wow! I hope you're celebrating!

Liz Fichera said...

Hi, Talli! Thank you! Yes, I believe Craig and I will be cracking open a bottle of wine (or something) tonight! :-)