Friday, July 16, 2010

Book Extravaganza (July 16-18)

Ready to go book blog hopping?  Beginning today till Sunday, around 40 cool book bloggers have teamed together to offer readers all sorts of free book swag as they make their way around the blogosphere in a kind of book treasure hunt.  If you like the words "free" and "book," you'll love this blog hop.  To boot, you'll get to learn about all sorts of books in a variety of genres and meet other book bloggers and authors. 

Confused where to start? Start at the very cool Natasha's blog called My Disorganized Ramblings.  She's the book blogger who told me about Book Extravaganza and it's also where you'll be able to win a free copy of CAPTIVE SPIRIT, among about a dozen other things.  From there, my advice is to head over to The Neverending Shelf where you'll find a list of the 40 participants and their links. 

Free books, gift certificates, swag.  What better way to spend a weekend?

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