Friday, July 9, 2010

The Accidental Blogger

I had two really cool things happen this week in the blogosphere.  First, the very cool Lisas awarded me The Versatile Blogger Award.  Second, the equally very cool Maria Zannini mentioned my blog on her blog this week, bringing me all sorts of fab bloggers, readers, and writers.  All in all, it felt a little like I'd just won Publishers' Clearinghouse, but without the bags of cash. 

The Versatile Blogger award, however, comes with some fine print and a few conditions.  (Obviously, there were lawyers involved.)

They are:
1. Thank the folks who gave you the award and and link to them;
2. Share 7 things about yourself;
3. Pass along to 15 bloggers (and link to them); and
4. Pay it forward: Comment on their blogs to tell them they are now recipients of the Versatile Blogger Award.  (This might take me a few days, recipients, but bare with me.)

I've decided to accept the very nice Versatile Blogger award and thank the Academy--oops, wait, wrong award--and pay it forward. 

So, I'd like to begin by thanking Lisa and Lisa for bestowing me with the lovely award. (And if you haven't checked out their blog, it's truly hilarious.)  Ditto for Maria's blog.

Share seven things about myself?  Well, I'm really not that interesting but I'll try to make them somewhat entertaining, if not useful, in case anyone has to identify me in a future criminal line-up or something:

1. My eyes are green.
2. I can't sing my way out of a paper bag.
3. I don't have a single tattoo.  Anywhere.
4. In my next life, I'd like to be a classical pianist.
5. My mother loves everything I write. And if she didn't, she'd still lie and say she loved it.
6. I have a (not so) secret crush on Adam Beach.
7. I want to write a screenplay.

Whew, that wasn't so bad, I guess.  Here's the easy part.  Below you'll find 15 additional really cool blogs.  Some are downright funny; others are steamy while others are educational.  All are worth a visit.  Check them out.  Hey, it was hard to choose just 15!! They are, in no particular order:

1. Tia Nevitt's Debuts & Reviews
2. Escape Into Romance
3. Happy Beginnings
4. Pearl's World of Romance
5. Peeking Between the Pages
6. Prairie Chicks Write Romance
7. Reading, Writing, and Stuff that Drives Me Crazy
8. Why I Fear Clowns
9. Janet's Journal
10. Pimp My Novel
11. Acquiring Magic
12. Author in Training
13. Rebecca Grant
14. Bureau of Non-Human Affairs
15. Molly From The...

So, here I am, paying it forward.  Thanks, Lisa x 2! I truly HEART you!


Molly Swoboda said...

I hope the 14 recommended bloggers are all fast asleep so I can be the *first* to thank you for such an humbling moment. It's been a pleasure to get to know you through your words. ~Molly

Rebecca E. Grant said...

Hey, thanks for the mention, Liz! You are a generous soul! I've got my fingers crossed for you and that screen play you're going to write... and sell... and consult on... and you know... make the big time :-)

Liz Fichera said...

Molly, thank you so much! :-) It's been so fun getting to know you through your words as well. I love reading your posts, comments, and views on Italian food, even though they make me very hungry at times.

Now, go forth and conquer as you are now a Versatile Blogger as well, with all the benefits that come with it. :-)

Liz Fichera said...


You are quite welcome and thank you for the "putting it into perspective" thoughts this week. They really hit home with me. So true about how our lives our enriched by the people we meet. Like Molly, I bequeath you a Versatile Blogger as well. You've been officially awarded! :-)

Molly and Rebecca, your tasks--should you choose to accept them--are to go forth and pay it forward to 15 of your closest bloggers. Most of all, have fun with it! Cause we all know life's way too short.


Dru said...

Congrats on the awards and isn't Maria's blog a fun place?

Maria Zannini said...

From Dru: ...isn't Maria's blog a fun place?

That's because Maria has Zombie Chickens.

Liz: Glad you are meeting new people!! (I'm bribing everyone with cyber ponies.)

Two more days of blog shout outs then the winner on Monday.

I'm so glad you entered.

Liz Fichera said...

Dru, I couldn't agree with you more! Love visiting her blog and glad to have met you too!

Maria, Zombie chickens?? How'd I miss that. I bribe easily, ponies or no ponies. ;-) Thanks again, Maria!

thelisas said...

Uncanny! I share your first 3 of 7 "about me" attributes. Sadly, my mother is a ruthlessly honest critic. I am is considering a replacement - how do you feel about a big sister?

Marianne Arkins said...

Awww..thanks!! And, I have to admit to not knowing who Adam Beach is, so I Googled him. He's adorable! You have wonderful taste.

Maria mentioned my blog, too, and I feel terribly unprofound. Ah well, in the words of Popeye: I yam who I yam...

I'll post this award tomorrow or Monday. It may take time to think of seven whole things. *G*

Have an awesome day!

Liz Fichera said...


I already have three sisters. One more won't make a difference. Hopefully you're okay with sharing a bathroom. :-)


You are most welcome! And keep in mind that there is no deadline and accepting the award is totally up to you. Have fun with it--as I'm sure you will! :-)

Have a wonderful weekend!

Unknown said...

I am honored to be part of your list! as Molly said, thank you for the humbling moment. I am sorry it took me so long to get on here and thank you. This past week was a whirlwind of craziness! I know that you have already won the Versatile Blogger Award, but I just had to mention you in my list. I love reading your thoughts a views that you write about on your blog!


Liz Fichera said...

Talina, you are so welcome! And glad you're having fun with it!

Terri Coop said...

Liz - thank you and I will be paying it forward this week. Had a minor family crisis over the weekend (all is well) that took up all my blogging time ):


Liz Fichera said...

Terri, Glad to hear everything is okay and no problem about the award. Have fun with it and use it when and if you wish! Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your blog. :-)