Tuesday, June 29, 2010

SEINFELD Fanatics: Unite

Shrinkage. Newman. Master of your domain. Soup Nazi.  These terms (and more) only mean something to you if you are SEINFELD obsessed. 

I was.  Big time. 

I can admit that now. I never missed a Thursday night episode and still watch and laugh at all of the reruns.  Can't believe it's been off the air now for 13 years.

My favorite episode?

Hands down, it was the plane episode where Jerry got bumped into first class and Elaine got coach.  I even laugh as I type these words because I can still picture Kramer leaping out of the baggage carousel while George was locked in the plane lavatory with a serial killer.  The writing was brilliant.   

What's your favorite episode?  Were you as obsessed with SEINFELD as me?


Janet said...

Hey, Liz! Had to come over and see your post - fantastic. As I said in my comments, The Husband and I often quote Seinfeld. And I think my favorite episode was the hand-washing one (where they were in the restaurant). No, no it's the massage one. NO, no, when they make the bet - "I think it moved." Ha - Love it!!

Just watched one the other night where Jerry, Elaine and George go out to the island for a party and Kramer has to come pick up Jerry and Elaine because George got lucky. Hilarious!!

Liz Fichera said...

Janet, you're killing me! Those are such hilarious episodes, I'm laughing just thinking about them. That massage episode was brilliant. Or, how about the one where George goes into the hospital and has to watch his roomate get a sponge bath through the curtain. I'm dying, just thinking about it.

Thanks for stopping by and finding me way out here! :-)

bobby h. said...

hey Liz; my fave is the one where kramer garbage picks the merv griffin set and puts it in his apartment (george hits squirrel/jerry drugs date/sd zoo guy comes on) and spoofs jerry springer show; the one where jerry/kramer toss the peppermint bar in guy's body during surgery is another; one where kramer punches mickey mantle; i could go on and on; "kramerica industries" too.

Liz Fichera said...

Oh, my gosh, Bob. That Merv Griffin set one brought me to tears I laughed so hard. And then when he's reading off notecards? Classic. The thin mints one? Absolutely hilarious! All of them still make me howl. I just saw the Kramerica one a couple of nights ago (for the zillionth time). Kramer with the intern. Jeez, there hasn't been as funny a show since they went off the air. I've got the DVDs but I still watch the reruns when they come on. I marvel at the writing.

Dru said...

My favorite episode was when they got lost in the parking garage.

My next favorite is the puffy shirt.

pps..I came to your blog via Maria's blog.

Liz Fichera said...


The parking garage was classic! The gold fish, the unrinemisetosis, George--love it all. The puffy shirt had that "low talker" lady. That one was hilarious too!

Thanks for stopping by - I'll be by to say hello at your site too.