Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Random Acts of Weirdness

Remember when your Mom used to tell you, "You can fry an egg on the sidewalk?"  Well, how do you like your eggs? Because you really can do that on any sidewalk in Phoenix right now.  The sun tends to do things to your brain--strange things.  And sometimes you have to do weird things to survive. 

Maria Zannini started something fun over on her blog to pass the time, but for a totally different reason.  She's stranded in Texas without her car.  That's brutal.  I'm stranded in my house because it's 110 degrees outside.  To pass the time, we're suggesting that everyone share at least one random thing about themselves today.  Bonus points for weirdness.  The weirder the better, in fact.  I HEART weird!

I'll start with seven random weird things about myself to get the party started: 

1. I was mugged in Paris once, in broad daylight, outside Notre-Dame.
2. I'm the only writer I know without a cat or dog. I'm allergic to both.
3. I don't like orange juice.  Blech!
4. I like cookie dough more than I like baked cookies.
5. I'm the misunderstood middle child in my family, a la Jan Brady.
6. I cut the tags out of all my clothes because they're so itchy.  Where do they find that tag material anyway??
7. I don't know where the gas tank is on my car; my husband always fills it.

How about you?  Tell me one random thing about yourself.  And the weirder, the better!


Maria Zannini said...

No pets!? I couldn't stand it.

Even when my dogs die, they come back. LOL.

I saw one of my ghost dogs in her usual sleeping place, and another showed up when my husband called everyone to dinner.

Hey, this is kinda fun!

Commiserations on the heat. We're in triple digits too--but that's because we're neighbors. I live in Texas.

Liz Fichera said...


It is brutal, not having pets! I grew up with a collie but sneezed for the first 10 years of my life. It's only gotten worse as I've gotten older.

Triple-digits in Texas? Ugh. Then you feel my pain.

Thanks for getting the party started!

Rebecca E. Grant said...

My weirdness…

My mother, who passed 30 years ago, often visits me in the form of a woodpecker. When I’m struggling with a scene, I’ll look up and there she is, out my window on the railing of the deck waiting for me to notice that she’s there… and that I won’t have so much trouble with the scene if I remember to tap in to the rhythm of the universe (pun intended… it’s her pun, not mine) :-)

Weirdness I have in common with you…

• I was mugged one night while taking the trash out… except my mugger failed to notice that my left arm was in a cast… a cast that was coming off the next day… and I clobbered him with it. Scared the hell outta him. He ran off. Turns out my cast wasn’t ready to come off after-all and my arm was recast (back in the days when they used plaster casts… do that use those anymore?)
• I don’t like the color orange and believe it should be restricted to sunrise, sunset and orange juice (which I love)
• I wear my shirts inside out (when I’m home alone writing) for the same reason you cut them out… because they’re itchy--yes, I am woefully eccentric... but not as bad as my best friend who has been known to rake her leaves in high heels... but that's another story.

Liz Fichera said...


Thanks for playing! As a firm believer in animal spirits, that is so cool about the woodpecker. When I come back, I would definitely like to be some kind of bird.

Glad you got your mugger! I wasn't so lucky. He took my $ and my camera, but it could have been worse! A cast could have come in handy at the time!! :-)

Kemberlee said...

I couldn't live without pets, specially dogs. The bigger the better. Currently have two border collies, one of which has the energy level of a million energizer bunnies!

Weirdest things about me...

I was locked in the Smithsonian Castle in Wash DC after hours.

Also, my DH says this is weird, I eat sausages with jam. It's a great combo. He eats pork chops and apple sauce, so I don't know what he sees strange in my combo.

I was the tallest girl in the 5th grade, which meant the whole of my grade school. I've only grown three inches since then!

I only like cooked tomatoes.

I can burp better than any ten year old boy who's consummed too much cola ;-)

My husband says I'm the biggest kid he knows, so that should say a lot right there.

Liz Fichera said...


Impressive list! Locked in the Smithsonian Castle? That sounds very Night of the Museum! But better! I envy your border collies--love them!

Thanks for sharing :-)

Marianne Arkins said...

I'm with Maria, gotta have pets.

I can't breathe on myself. Drives me nuts. Even in the summer I have to either be covered up or wear long sleeves to bed so I don't feel my breath.

I'll be playing tomorrow :-)

Liz Fichera said...


I'll stop by your blog tomorrow! Interesting thing about the breathing though. That's pretty darn unusual!

Inez Kelley said...

I have pickle green eyes.

I eat potato chips *ON* my burger.

I don't like candy.

I think bats are cute.

I haven't grown since 5th grade.

Liz Fichera said...

Inez, birds of a feather! I like potato chips on my burgers too! I feel vindicated. Thank you! But, cute bats? I can't go there...

Angelina Rain said...

1. I can not sleep uncovered. Even on the hottest night of the year, I have to be covered up from head to toe.

2. When I was a kid, I used to be petrified of dogs. Now, I can’t imagine a life without them and I want to adopt all of them. I have a border collie/golden retriever mix that I couldn’t live without.

3. Three years ago, my mom told me that the next guy I start dating, I will marry. A week after she said that, I started dating my husband.

4. Supposedly, I am a descendent of Honore de Balzec(1799-1850), a famous French novelist .

5. When I was in kindergarten, somebody else (I’m hazy on the details) and I got into a fight and that person tried to choke me. To this day, I can’t wear anything too close to my neck because it makes me feel choked and I feel like I will throw up.

Liz Fichera said...

Lia, that is quite a list! I can totally relate to the cover issue. I can't sleep without one either. And mother's do know best, don't they? My mom said something similiar about my husband when we were dating, but that's a long story. :-)