Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Just Do It!

My birthday is coming up and I have to make a decision:  Nook or Kindle?  I've boiled it down to these two e-reader choices.  While I would love an iPad, I bought a Netbook (which I love) over Christmas and so an iPad is definitely not in the cards.  Plus, it's a little bigger and bulkier for book reading.

Both the Nook and Kindle are priced about the same: $250.  Of course, I wish they were cheaper, and I know that I'll hate myself in another year when they're selling for $150--or less. 

And, yeah, the Nook is touchscreen and has color functionality, but I'm not exactly sure those were the selling points for me.  What I liked about the Nook is that the battery ($30) is replaceable.  With the Kindle, the battery is enclosed so when it runs out, I guess you're screwed.  Not that I'm planning on running back to Barnes & Noble every time I have a question, but it is nice that you can speak to a human being at the B&N store.  Who do you talk to about your Kindle when you have a problem?  I read that the Kindles were going to be sold in Target stores but that's not exactly a huge selling point for me.  I've never been a Target fan.  Plus, it's not sold in my local Target at the moment.  Kindle fail.

The Nook also has "airplane mode" functionality so I can still read on takeoffs and landings when I'm not praying that the plane doesn't crash.  Both can go a long time on a single charge (e.g. like 3 days or something); the Nook can play music.  That's kind of a cool feature too, especially if you travel.  Which I do. 

Anyway, I think I'm going with the Nook.  Get the checkbook!


Deborah Nemeth said...

I love my Nook. I got the red leather Bleecker cover, too, which protects it in my purse and feels so nice when I hold it to read.
Hope you're as happy with your purchase.

Maria Zannini said...

I haven't made a final decision between the Nook and Sony e-reader, but I think the Nook is going to win there too.

Kindle was never in the running.

Liz Fichera said...

Deb, Thanks! That helps me feel better about my decision. I'll keep that Bleecker cover in mind. I saw one in the store that was green and kind of psychedelicy cool. Must make sure it's leather.

Maria, I looked at the Sony e-readers at Best Buy. They sell them there, too. It didn't seem as easy to download as it did on the Nook, but it could have been the Best Buy atmosphere talking. That place gives me a royal headache.

Kristabel Reed said...

I'm leaning more toward the Nook. I love my local B&N and had the chance to play around with one during Christmas-very tempting!

Plus I think Amazon is out to rule the world lol.

Liz Fichera said...

Kristabel, I thought Amazon already did rule the world?? ;-)

Liz Fichera said...

Update: If it wasn't already confusing, Borders announced today that as of July 2 they'll sell a $119 ereader from Aluratek. (That undercuts the $150 Kobo reader they are helping to launch this month.) Confusng, much?!
about a minute ago ·

Angelina Rain said...


This reply is a little late, but since I just got myself an e-reader, I decided to put my two cents in. I got an Astak EZReader Pocket Pro and am vary happy with my new purchase. It comes in a variety of colors (mine is pink), it automatically comes with a leather protecting case, one battery change will last you a week, It supports twenty different kind of file types, it's easy to download books on it, and it has a text to speech function on all books. It was the Text to Speech function that sold me on it, I like to read with my eyes closed sometimes. I get to do that all the time now. It's also so easy to use. I've had it for about a week now and still have not opened the instruction booklet. The only problem I have with it is that it freezes if you work with it too fast. You need to at least let 10 seconds pass before pressing something, otherwise, if you press this and that almost at the same time, it will get confused and freeze on you.

Liz Fichera said...

Hi Lia!

Your e-reader sounds very versatile. Love the idea of a text to speech function!

I ended up going with a Nook a few weeks ago--naturally, I purchased it BEFORE the price plunged this week. Typical. ;-)

I do like my Nook. It took me very little time to get used to it. Such a cool way to read books and so light! It fits in my purse. Great for traveling. E-readers are definitely paving the way for the future, IMO.