Thursday, June 3, 2010

Book Lovers, Unite!

Carina Press has a brand-new forum over at e-Harlequin.  Anyone can join in the discussions.  It's pretty cool.  Many of the Carina Press authors have already started blogging about their books, the launch, and other little interesting tidbits like, where exactly can you find the best sea salt chocolate?  I mean, that's what I want to know.  I can't finish a book without going through a least one bag of chocolate-covered espresso beans.  Why else do you think I run six miles every day?

There are tons of authors, books, and forums.  You can learn about your fav authors and new releases.  Tis the season for much book reading.  What's in your book bag?

Check it out

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Sandi said...

I'll check it out, Liz! And, oooh! Saw your book on pre-order on B&N!