Friday, May 14, 2010

LOST rocks!

Not since SEINFELD have I been so taken by a television series, although for completely different reasons. 

SEINFELD is laugh-out loud funny.  Instant smile.  I've seen every episode a hundred times and still laugh in all the same places.  That episode in the plane where Jerry flies first-class and Elaine gets stuck in coach? Priceless.

I'm not sure why I didn't start watching LOST when it first came out.  I think it's because the previews looked too much like those goofy Survivor reality shows which didn't do anything for me.  About a month or so ago, my brother lent me the first two seasons on DVD and I was hooked from the first episode--no, make that the first five minutes.  Kind of like a great book, it pulled me in the instant I started watching.

The writing is exceptional; the acting is phenomenal and, yes, I think Josh Holloway (Sawyer) is about as hot as hot can get.  The way the screenwriters have developed these characters and connected all of their stories together is nothing short of amazing.  Super cool character development, never mind that it takes place in Hawaii, one of the most gorgeous places on earth. 

So far, I've worked my way up to the fourth season.  Already I can tell that this is one of those shows that I won't want to end, despite what my brother tells me about the final episodes.  His last words to me about the show were, "I'm lost about LOST."  But I don't care.  I will see this to the end.  And then probably like SEINFELD, I'll rewatch.  Who knows? I may even have to book a trip to Kauai and watch it from there, preferably on the beach sipping a margarita. 

If you haven't seen LOST, put this one on your list.


Sandi said...

Sawyer makes me swoon. And Jack Shepard isn't so bad either. This show has been a fav of mine for a while. I'm bummed this is the last season.

Jude said...

Where've you been??? LOST is awesomeness. ;-)

MLZ said...

pI may have to watch the whole series. Sounds interesting!

Anonymous said...

Just checked and I see four "Lost" episodes are available On Demand with Verizon. Your berserk enthusiasm (Berserk is synonym for unbridled! Really!) has driven me over the brink.

Liz Fichera said...

MLZ and 5am,

It's crucial that you see the episodes (and Seasons) in order as each one builds upon the other. If you start with, say Season 3, and then start watching Season 1, you'll miss out on so much of the detail and character development.

Hope you love it as much as I do. The show truly rocks.