Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Hold your horses, cowboys, but my historical novel has itself a brand-spanking new title: CAPTIVE SPIRIT.

Doesn't that sound so cool?? When I heard it yesterday, it was like someone reached out their hands and grabbed me by the collar. This new title captures the essence of my story so perfectly. The people at Carina Press are real pros! I heart them!

Now if I could just jump into my own personal Hot Tub Time Machine and propel forward a few weeks to see the gorgeous cover. I think when I see the cover for CAPTIVE SPIRIT I will probably break down and cry happy tears. There will be much blubbering involved at my house. Hopefully no one will be home except me when that happens.

Meanwhile, lest you forget, I will be posting covers and excerpts over at as soon as I get the green light to do so.

Life is good.


Sandi said...

Love the new title. Very Native Americany. ;-) How's that for a word?

Ron in Anthem said...

I like it too. Can't wait to read it. :-) And I'm a guy! Obviously.

Diana said...

Whooo Hoooo! I love the title too!

Nancy said...

Go, you! I've checked out some of the other Carina covers on their blog/web site thingy. They are really intriguing. Can't wait to see yours!