Wednesday, March 3, 2010

More [title of show]

The playwrights of [title of show], Hunter Bell and Jeff Bowen, are flying in from New York tomorrow for a post-play discussion at the Herberger Theatre on March 4. If you've already seen the play but want to see it again (and who wouldn't!), you can get 50% off your ticket price. If you'd just like to participate in the discussion, arrive at the Herberger by 9:15 pm. The discussion with Hunter and Jeff is free.

[title of show] is incredibly original, hilarious, and inspiring. It's only in Phoenix till March 7. You can read my reviews at as well as my interview with Lauren Lebowitz who plays "Susan" in the show.

Hugely entertaining! Don't miss out!


Sandi said...

Done! I will be there! Thanks for the heads-up!!

Chris said...

For real? Cool! I'll definitely try to make it!

Joyce said...

I'm sorry I have to miss this one. Love the show, though. You were so right about Die, Vampire, Die!!!!!