Monday, February 22, 2010

[title of show]: More Than A Musical

I was at the Opening Night for [title of show] on Saturday night at the Herberger Theatre. It was amazing. Better than I expected, even, and my expectations were already pretty high, especially after having interviewed the very talented Lauren Lebowitz who plays Susan in the production.

You can read my full review at, but let's just say that Die, Vampire, Die! has officially become my new personal theme song.

If [title of show] comes to a theater near you, do yourself a ginormous favor and get yourself a couple of tickets. You won't be disappointed.


Terry said...

I might have to see it just to hear Die, Vampire, Die alone! Sounds intriguing!!

John in Flagstaff said...

I gotta agree with Terry. Any play with a song "Die, Vampire, Die!" would be worthwhile. I'm thinking my wife and I just may have to make the trek down to Phoenix. :-)

Patti said...

Love the link to the downtown site. I'll be checking it more often - lots of good stuff.