Friday, January 15, 2010

On My Nightstand: Recommended Reads

I'm almost done with CATCHING FIRE by Suzanne Collins and I'm digging it. It's the second book in the HUNGER GAMES series which I adored. It was a little slow going at first (too much rehash from the first book) but it picked up the pace nicely. The writing is simple but the tension, adventure, and world-building are superb. In fact, I think the writing's simplicity adds to the story. I wouldn't recommend this series for middle-grade readers, but young adults and older (hello, I'm loving it!) will definitely enjoy it.

Meanwhile, I still haven't finished JULIE & JULIA. I wanted to read the book first before I rented the movie, but it's not been a book that I wanted to devour in one sitting. I've been kind of taking my time with it. Maybe because it's a memoir. Julie Powell's writing style is fun, and I enjoy the snippets of Julia Child's life sprinkled throughout the book. Definitely a good read. And it's given me a craving to make something French. Like crepes or something.

I've got a stack of about 12 other books on my nightstand so it makes no sense whatsoever that I bought another book today while I was at my local Borders. But I did. Couldn't resist. I saw the movie previews for DEAR JOHN by Nicholas Sparks. I guess I'm in the mood for a love story tearjerker. Total impulse purchase. Yep, that's how I'll be spending my weekend. Pass the kleenex, please.

I've been taking a couple of weeks away from my Netbook, even though my fingers are a little anxious to get started on my next WIP. I have two ideas in mind and I can't decide which one to write first so I thought I'd just read myself silly till I made up my mind. It's worked before.


Lauren said...

I know what you mean about the multiplying books! I never seem to make a dent in my pile but don't exactly refrain from buying any either. It's a sickness.

Sheri said...

I LOVED the Hunger Games. Julie Powell's book, not so much. The movie was better.

Anonymous said...

Hunger Games was okay. I did not like Catching Fire. Slow and boring.

Don said...

I'm new to your blog. Like it!

I haven't read Julie & Julia but the movie was good. My wife liked it, at least.

Dena said...

I tried to like Julie & Julia but hated it. Her second book, Cleaving, was even worse. I couldn't get past the first chapter. Loved Hunger Games!