Thursday, November 5, 2009

All Good Things Must End

My current freelance writing project has ended. That's good. And bad. It'll pick up again in January, and that means that I have nothing but time to work on my current WIP. So now my December deadline to complete my current WIP is doable, and I have another idea for my next book beginning to float around in my brain. Can't wait to get started on outlining that, too. So much to do; so little time.

By the way, has anyone seen The Nook yet? I was at Barnes & Noble yesterday, talking with the guys there about it. It's pretty cool. Kind of like the Kindle but slightly more sleek and with color. It's the same price as the small Kindle: $260. Like the Kindle and the Sony Reader, you can store about a bazillion books on it. Great if you travel a lot. Santa, Baby?


Jen said...

I can totally relate on freelance work. You never know when you'll get a project and when it hits, it's usually more than you can stand.

Pete said...

I've got the Kindle. It's pretty nice. Haven't seen the Nook yet. Have only read about it.

Anonymous said...

I really don't like any of the computer e-Readers. Prefer the real thing.