Sunday, February 8, 2009

Do You Twitter?

I haven't figured out yet how I feel about writing tweets. I've only been doing it for about a week. Tweets, for those of you new to, is a way for people to stay hyper-connected to friends, family, even co-workers. To me, it's kind of like instant messaging on steroids. You can do it from the web or your phone.

And the bizarre thing too is that people you don't know can follow your tweets--one or two sentences that tell people what you're doing NOW. I mean, I'm not sure I do anything that's terribly exciting during your typical day. I read. I write. I run. I do all of the mundane things that people need to do like eat, sleep, clean my house, shop for groceries and fill my car up with gas, but is all of that really exciting stuff? Is it tweetworthy?

Well, as it's turned out, "tweeting" has become even more fun than I thought. (Hey, I didn't think I'd care for email years ago and look where that's taken us!) I don't go overboard, though. I'm not a tweetaholic. I'll write one, maybe two, tweets a day.

Care to follow me? Look for the Twitter link on the lower right hand side of this page and we can stay connected happily ever after in TweetLand!


Anonymous said...

I'm not hot on Twitter yet. Sorry. Maybe it has to grow on you.

Anonymous said...

If you need to more about Twitter, just ask your kids. That's where I learned, sadly. ;-)

Anonymous said...

One more way to keep us all connected? Yikes...I'm just figuring out all the features on my cell phone!

Anonymous said...

I'm officially following you on twitter.